Is Sex better than workout?

Is Sex better than workout?

Sex could be treated as an exercise. Specific facts prove that it is the best exercise for the people who don’t get time to go to the gym often. For such people, it is the best way to look like a young person with a fit and healthy body. Following are the facts which make sex a proper workout.

  • It burns fat

Sex is better because it burns fat at your convenience. For example, you use various tools like dumbbells etc. but sex doesn’t require you to feel all such pain for burning calories. You need to perform multiple fun activities, and the fat will burn automatically. According to research, Kiss can help you in burning 60 to 70 calories per hour, and sex burns 80 to 150 calorie per hour depending upon the weight of you and your partner. This amount of calorie can be burned out over a treadmill if you run for almost 15 minutes. So it’s better than a workout.

  • Increases the Production of Testosterone

It is a fact that when you love then the production of testosterone. It helps in maintaining the body as the testosterone helps in the development of healthy muscle and strong bones.

Other than these, sex also helps in muscular contraction which occurs during the intercourse as the body parts like thighs, arms, neck and abs are all moving and getting stretched. Along with these, sex involves a lot of entertainment and joy as compared to the exercise while both give the same results.

Therefore we can consider sex is a better type of exercise. We may choose sex as a great form of workout. I think I have clearly put the facts to prove that Sex is better than workout.Have sex regularly to be fit physically and look handsome and charming.

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