Bipolar Disorder- It’ Effects on your sexual life

Sex is an important part of life. It is not only crucial for ordinary people but for bipolar as well. Bipolar disorder is primarily a mood disorder which can affect the sexual activity by increasing or decreasing tithe person having a bipolar disorder has a manic episode where his sexual drive intensifies giving rise to hypersexuality which is also known as sexual addiction. It is fundamentally dysfunctional in nature giving rise to sexual fantasies, urges and behaviors. This can even lead to adverse effects in one health, job, relationships and other significant aspects of life.

The person who is experiencing hyper sexuality may:

  • Have many sex partners
  • Constantly think about sex
  • Excessive masturbation.
  • May have frequent one-night stands
  • Have an increased interest in watching porn
  • Also do other reckless activities like drinking, gambling and rash driving.

There are chances that one may even feel the opposite of hypersexuality which is depression or hyposexuality. This majorly causes a lack of interest in sex. The hyposexuality often creates relationship problems as the partner is unable to understand the sexual drive. This can be seen if one has extreme mania with hypersexuality where the person is always thinking about sex, and suddenly the behavior changes and the person loses interest in sex. This makes the partner confuse, frustrated and depressed. The Bipolar disorder may even lead to sexual dysfunction. This can be erectile dysfunction in males and high level of sexual distress in females.

Thus bipolar disorder can challenge sexual relationships in the following manner:

  • The bipolar person might feel physically unattractive and undesirable for sex.
  • The bipolar person would always lack a healthy living
  • There will be a situation where the worthlessness might interfere with intimacy
  • Exhaustion would drain the energy to do sex.
  • The person may even doubt themselves for having less sex.
  • The medications thus used to treat the Bipolar disorder may even decrease a person’s sexual desire to achieve erection or orgasm
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